1 Which attribution model can calculate the actual contribution of every keyword in your account and optimize for the best performing ones across the conversion path ?

Last click First click Linear Time decay Position-based 

2 What is a Google Ads attribution model?

Mobile's contribution to your media mix The way Google Ads assigns credit for the campaign steps that led to a conversion. This is only available for clicks on Search and Shopping ads on    

3 Call out extensions are

Making a Cold call through execuitive sales call An call extension   

4 Site link extensions are

A satelite Link  linking a Google Page  A link from the Page    

5 How to make your mobile site user-friendly

Easy navigation Highly Configured Programme    

6 Which is the most important in menu

Navigation call to action landing page    

7 Which is the Most Suitable place to Keep the search box

Bottom of the Page In Landing page  In Front of the Site In Middle of the site  

8 Is it Necessary to Offer search filters to bring the most relevant results

NO  YES    

9 App Extensions shall be optimum for

A new site  For Retaining clients Android App   

10 Universal App Campaigns that run across

That link all Advertisements Together  Linking TV, Satelite Channels to gether That link all Google Ads Together   

11 A single extra micro second of load time can affect your mobile site’s conversion rate.

YES NO    

12 Tracking template shall not

track the users in other site  track the results   engage users    

13 will it be Mandatory to Keep menus short, sweet — and distinct

YES NO    

14 Why Location Targeting is Important?

To Promote the product To Take your Promotions to Buyer Locations To locate the the buyer location   

15 Location extensions are not Suitable for

chain of restaurants Restaurants  Theme Park   

16 Can You Adjust the Bid for Mobile Ads...

YES NO    

17 In Google Ads, an ad with a call extension is very similar to a call-only ad — but they aren’t the same. Do you see the two key differences?

call Only add enables the user to take action call out extensions are most effective    

18 Is it Possible to Adjust The Bid Manually

Yes no    

19 Standard delivery is not

Delivers Throughout the day Highly Expensive delivery is Low   

20 Google ads ensures mobile Ads

Likely to buy the Products  to buy the Products  to sale