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DigitalTout opens up powerful campaign options for SMEs and marketing users, without requiring any IT help. Whether it is managing contacts, personalizing bulk SMS, sending local language texts, slicing/scheduling campaigns or attaching images and files, it is all incredibly easy! What’s more, you can even track real-time delivery status and click metrics for all your SMS campaigns.

  1. Personalize your messages: Use merge fields to add any custom fields of your contacts in the SMS. Zero software installs required!
  2. Schedule sends: Select recipients, compose your SMS and keep your campaign ready to be sent for a specific date and time.
  3. Go local: Send SMS in any Indian regional language by using our incredibly easy transliteration tool.  BUY  IT NOW 
  4. Share files: Add a variety of attachments in your SMS, such as takeaway menus, price lists, brochures, or booking confirmations.
  5. Trackable campaigns: We provide analytics and reports for all your SMS campaigns, including detailed click activity reports for any links in your message.
  6. Best-in-class delivery: Get maximum deliverability and speeds with our robust backend infrastructure BUY  IT NOW 
  7. Multiple ways to send SMS: Send SMS via the web interface, SMS APIs, Microsoft Excel, Email gateway or mobile apps BUY  IT NOW 
  8. And, so much more: You can even insert your own web links or mobile web pages, mobile tickets, vouchers, loyalty cards, surveys and forms created on Textlocal platform.


DND Notification
தமிழில் குறுஞ்செய்தி அனுப்ப இயலும்

Take the guesswork out of your SMS marketing campaigns by using DIGITALTOUT link tracking system

Whether you are inserting web links, attachments, surveys, tickets or mobile web pages in your SMS messages, link tracking allows you to capture extensive usage metrics while keeping the URL length in check. These short links not only save precious real estate in your message but also allow you to benefit from deep insights into your customer behavior and which campaigns are really paying off. Get detailed reports on the click-through rates of your campaigns, who opened the links at that time, the recipient’s location details and device characteristics. With more data to describe your customer, you can now take a more fact-based approach while devising your marketing campaigns.

Setting up a tracker is as simple as entering your web URL into the link tracking service and sending your message. Messenger tracks and reports the metrics and when the links are opened by your customers.

 Gain valuable insights into your customer behavior and campaign effectiveness

Track campaign metrics

Just like email marketing, Textlocal SMS marketing now allows you to track how many people clicked through your web links and attachments. Monitor response rates in real-time to continuously improve your campaigns and follow through.

Gain customer insights

Get granular data about recipients who clicked through the links, including their mobile number, location data, device characteristics and the time they accessed the link. Easily export this data for further analysis and insights into your customer behavior.

Insert short links

Textlocal shortens your webpage URLs to help keep your message length in check while enabling tracking functionality. Mobile tickets, vouchers, loyalty cards, forms and surveys created on DIGITALTOUT are automatically assigned short links.BUY  IT NOW 

OTP/Transactional SMS



DND Allowed

You may send transactional SMS on DND option Data


Delivery Report

Check confirmation of each sent SMS in SMS Delivery report

Send SMS 24×7

Unlike promotional SMS, you may send SMS anytime

Customized SMS

Send SMS with customized details like balance dues etc

Free API Integration

Integrate SMS API in your software, pay only for credits.

Regional language

We support all languages; Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati…

The leading transactional SMS providers in India, with our team of experts we are assisting in enabling convenient delivery of information to the people.Digitaltout  Integrated SMS to its suite of actions, which user can take from within its CRM. This provided it a USP over the competition, without having to worry about the entire setup.

Use Transactional SMS for your industry


Update your clients about their orders, product launches, discounts, promotions and more.

Financial Institutions

Notify customers about the account balance and also intimate them about other related information.

Food and Hospitality

Use transaction SMS to invite people at your events, update guests with travel deals, flight delays, visa information and more.

Educational Institutions

Utilize the transactional messaging service for sending timely notifications to students and parents.

Real Estate

Send text alerts for registration details, project development. Also, intimate clients about property related fairs and listings.


Remind patients about appointments, preventive check-ups, pending mediclaim, vaccination alerts and more.


Securely connect the supply chain by providing timely and continuous information to drivers, delivery people, customers.


Enhance customer experience by keeping them informed about scheduled service, upcoming launches or payment reminders.

OTP Transactional Bulk SMS Features (India to India):

Send Informational/ Alert/ OTP/ Communicative within your Group People, means only your Registered/ Opt-in Customers
Don’t send SMS for unknown People & Don’t use for the Promotional purpose(TRAI T&C)
Life Time Validity, DND Delivery, Sender ID with 6 Letters, service time: 24×7
Group SMS, Dynamic SMS, Hindi/Gujarat/Marathi/Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam SMS
Excel_upload, Instant Delivery Reports, API Documentation
Unlimited Sender IDs, API for OTP passwords, Single Click Send 10,000 SMS to 1 Crore SMS
Pay Online INSTANT Activation.
Package Cost/SMS Total Cost in INR Buy Now Online
1000 sms 50 ps/sms 500 Pay Online
5000 sms 30 ps/sms 1,500 Pay Online
10000 sms 20 ps/sms 2,000 Pay Online
25000 sms 18 ps/sms 4,500 Pay Online
50000 sms 14 ps/sms 7,000 Pay Online
1 lakh sms 13.5 ps/sms 13,500 Pay Online
2 lakh sms 13 ps/sms 26,000 Pay Online

OTP Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional SMS sending is now at your fingertips. Cheapsms.net transactional SMS provider offers transactional SMS service at extremely reasonable transactional SMS price in India. Give your clients and customers instant minute to the minute information on the delivery status of their purchase, transaction confirmations, updates on promotional offers, etc with the affordable transactional bulk SMS. Take your business venture a step ahead with the easy to use and exciting transactional SMS India facility.

Transactional Bulk SMS has earned hilarious popularity in INDIA. Transactional SMS India is extensively used by a number of companies for promotion, marketing, and other business purposes. Cheapsms.net brings to you an easy and accessible transactional SMS gateway where you can register your firm and send bulk SMS transactional SMS in an extremely trouble-free manner. HAPPY SENDING TRAN SMS












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